How to Get Fit at Home new year is here, you have vowed to get in shape, and months have passed by and you have yet to break a sweat. If it sounds familiar, you are not alone and unfortunately, your wallet has already taken a hit because of it. According to studies, the amount of people that buy memberships and then fail to attend is estimated to be around 70%, costing over $500 from their pockets and basically handing over money to gym owners while your body stays sedentary. If it is a battle to attend the gym daily to get into share, try another alternative and do it all from the comfort of home. The following guidelines can help you improve your fitness without ever needing a fitness center again.


Use Your Body

You don’t need weights to reach your fitness goals as there are pushups, tricep dips, and squats that can be done without any equipment and are a great way to improve overall fitness in the easiest way possible. Using items around the house, you can get a total body workout. Get a chair for dips, step ups, and pushups, and even soup cans can be used in place of small weights. So there is literally no excuse not to get a workout right from the house. For a cardio workout, get a jump rope and get to moving. Ten minutes of jumping rope equates to 30 on a treadmill in a gym and costs considerably less.


Buy Used


Buying used is a great alternative if you are not willing to commit to expensive workout equipment to stay in shape. Use an online site to find cheap equipment being sold by private owners. Test the equipment before you buy it is possible and save a bundle as you work your way to a new fitness level. Buy an inexpensive treadmill to use at home and workout from the privacy of your home.


Check the Policy

Americans pay an enormous amount for their health insurance and you should invest in a plan that doesn’t carry as much risk and offers incentives to stay healthy. Ask your provider about discounts for gym equipment purchases and rentals.


Buy from Gyms


Gyms are always changing and many are willing to sell old and used equipment to the general public at amazing prices simply to get rid of it. The best way to find the best deals is to simply contact a local chain and ask the manager about any equipment that is on its way out and is available for purchase.




Strap on and workout like never before with suspension straps that intensify a workout without all the unnecessary frills. Those gravity bars can be used wherever you travel and are available at a fraction of the cost.


Use Technology

More than likely, there is an app out there that can totally help you achieve a great workout. All of you have to do is find them and you are well on your way to a fitter, leaner body.