About Clean Eating

Define Clean Eating


The term ‘clean eating’ has taken on a life of its own lately, with everyone touting their own definition of what it actually entails and how good it is for your body. The concept itself, however, is not as simple as it sounds and involves being more aware of the path of food between its original source and your plate. At its core, clean eating is about real foods (ie, organic) as opposed to unnatural or processed foods. But the advent of technology also means that finding foods that meet the criteria is harder than ever before as well. We break down the entire process of clean eating here.

What Is The Definition of Processed Foods?

Processed foods include those like sugar, salt, and fat, all of which preserve foods to slow down spoilage, and can be found in everything from drinks to breakfast cereals. Transforming food by adding or removing items is also another way to process foods. If the components have been made in a laboratory, they are also processed and rarely from a natural source.


Why Processed Foods Are Bad


Although not all processed foods are bad as they can remove certain toxins from various foods, it can change the consistency of food and take away vital nutrients. A processed smoothie may be a great health benefit, but if processed, many of those nutrients may have been lost.

The Problems with Over-Processed Foods

Obviously, foods that have been processed too much lack some of the ingredients and therefore healing properties that make them healthy in the first place. GMOs have been researched and linked to cancer and other health issues and are the main reason why more people veer towards a healthier eating lifestyle in the present.


The Benefits of Clean Eating

We now know through extensive research that whole foods are better, healthier, and prevent life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, certain cancers, and cardiovascular disease. Eating more fruits and vegetables also improve weight management and hair and skin growth.


How to Buy Clean

Buying clean doesn’t have to mean raw food. It means choosing foods that have been less processed and are more organic. While shopping, know that packaged foods could be from anywhere, so be sure to read the labels and the fine print before making a decision. Also check for artificial flavors and dyes that may make the foods more unhealthy than you may like.


Cooking Clean

Stir-frying and steaming are the best options when it comes healthier, organic eating. Both of these methods help retain the healing elements of vegetables and fruits longer. When you are cooking, focus on keeping the integrity of everything you cook, working as hard as possible to avoid unnecessary fats or deep-frying which can take the nutrients out of what you are cooking.


Paleo Diet

Buy following the diets of our ancestors, many have adopted this eating lifestyle that stresses no grains, legumes, or dairy products, a clean diet alternative that has been proven to work.